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Those of you who know me know that I love a good quote and this one is especially powerful. It reminds us that we can play an intentional role in shaping our future; it encourages us to be change agents; and, perhaps most importantly, it reminds us that any possibility can be within reach.

Those words ring especially true today as we at Atrion take a giant leap forward in shaping our future. Today, we officially join Carousel Industries—a leader in communication and network technologies, professional and managed services, and cloud solutions.

Today marks a true milestone on our journey to date!

Earlier this summer, I shared with you all why joining forces with Carousel makes perfect sense for us. In addition to this move providing ample professional growth opportunities for our employees, it allows us to touch our clients, potential clients, partners and the greater community at an even deeper—more significant—level. And over the past few months, that belief has only gotten stronger.

As we’ve set out to carve a promising new future with a company of new teammates, a couple of things come to mind:

  • We Are Creating Something Visionary: For over three decades, Atrion has remained committed to creating something unique, special and truly visionary. Over the past few weeks and months, there’s been incredible validation that this move will allow us to create something even more visionary in the years to come. Our integration teams have been busy at work identifying new portfolio offerings to bring to our clients and ways to make greater market impact. Stay tuned; there will be plenty of exciting announcements and unveils in the months to come!
  • Synergy is High: It’s been humbling to watch top talent come together in the face of great change to begin integrating our organization into Carousel. In so doing, it’s demonstrated that this move brings together true super stars—consummate professionals who are committed to establishing a bright future for our employees, clients, partners and the community.
  • We Can Expand Our Thinking: Many times as business leaders, all we can think about is the next step. But when you align two companies that are both changing and evolving expediently, it challenges you to think 10, 15 and even 20 steps ahead. Suddenly, the limitations you thought you faced evaporate and you start expanding your thinking. This is an incredibly exciting time as our wheels are turning. We are looking for the undiscovered spaces and pushing towards them.

We have had nothing short of an epic journey so far here at Atrion; but who wants to stop at epic?! Moving forward, we will be able to explore a world of untapped possibilities; grand, new adventure; and out-of-the-box thinking as Atrion, A Carousel Company.

I invite you to take the next step with us as we begin to create our new future. We will lean on you as to how we can continue to evolve the brand, stretch our thinking and make grander impact.

The future is bright and we have the power to shape it. I can’t wait to see where the next stop in our journey together takes us!

Tim Hebert, Chief Executive Officer

Tim Hebert, Chief Executive Officer

CEO at Atrion
Chief Executive Officer. Thought Leader. Music Aficionado.

You have never met anyone like him. Highly-energized, compassionate, ingenious, and just plain "awesome;" Oscar T. Hebert is a visionary and a national speaker on thought leadership. With a personal mission to light a fire in the hearts and minds of those around him, Tim truly impacts lives. As Atrion’s CEO, President, Captain, and Superhero, Tim has driven himself and Atrion over the last twenty years to remain on the cutting edge of the IT services industry, propelling Atrion to become a top 1% organization. But Tim’s passion for people, leadership, and relationships extends beyond leading just Atrion’s family into success and growth.

Tim believes that there is more to business than simply "turning a profit" and that every business should be driven by purpose and core values. He has infused Atrion with its core purpose of "having a positive impact on the lives of others," which has created a dynamic culture and one of the best places to work. Also an influential role model, he has taken leadership roles within the community as a Year-Up mentor, a Trustee for the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council, a Director of the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, and is the President and Chairman of the non-profit organization Tech Collective.

Facts about Tim:

- He has run the Inca Trail in the Andes to Machu Picchu, and witnessed the Aurora Borealis
- He believes that everyone is a leader, and they have the responsibility to rise to the call of duty
- His favorite bands include: Depeche Mode, Joy Division, and One-Eyed Doll
Tim Hebert, Chief Executive Officer

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